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Ardee, Hay! Early morning chaos on Bridge Street

Barry Landy | 28th September, 2016 at 9:50am

There was early morning chaos on Bridge Street in the town on Wednesday after a passing lorry shed some of it’s bales – leaving windows smashed, doors knocked in, and ESB poles pushed over.

The incident happened at around 6:45am this morning and has left the large bales of hay strewn all over street – leaving massive delays for early morning workers and school runs. No was injured in the incident but delays are set to be in place now for the rest of the morning, at least.

As of 8.30am, a stop and go system was in place on Bridge Street and there were big delays mounting up throughout the town. Gardai and the ESB Networks crew are on site. Traffic heading south was backed up all the way to Market Square at 9am, as far as Malone’s Topaz heading north and also backed up on John Street.

That stop and go system was still in place by 1.30pm, with ESB crews still undertaking repair work at the site. Traffic was reasonably heavy in all directions.

Many drivers were attempting to use the link road but traffic was almost back as far as Hale Street there.

Most of the hay has now been moved off the road and up to the church at John Street.

While the disruption isn’t good news for most people in the town, some people – including Mark Conlon of Hamills – saw the funny side.


Publican Mark Conlan has posted this incredible CCTV footage of the incident on Wednesday night, showing just how lucky it was that no one was hurt. The footage always confirms that the driver of the lorry continued on his way, despite losing a large portion of his haul.

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