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The Week In Review – Sun March 19th 2017

Barry Landy | 19th March, 2017 at 10:41pm
At the end of a very, very busy week in the town, editor-in-chief Barry Landy is here to look back over all of the biggest stories from the last seven days in Baile Átha Fhirdhia in our The Week In Review Column.
1. St Patrick’s Day parade still holds a special place in Ardee hearts

On their whistle stop tour of small town parades in the North East, even RTE News stopped by the Ardee St Patrick’s Parade on Friday. As ever, a whole host of bands from north and south of the border joined Ardee Concert Band is providing musical accompaniment for the crowd and the assembled dignitaries on Castle Street, including politicians and the year’s Grand Marshal Elizabeth Byrne.

This year, the Ardee Girl Guides were right behind Elizabeth and and the band at the head of the parade as it made it’s way through town, amidst a little, very light drizzle. At times, organising this relatively small, rural town parade can be a tough task for the organisers. They could surely do with more backing from all who can make the process more seamless and the parade the best it can be.

We should be thankful for all of the voluntary work done every year by the parade committee. It’s still a special day for many.

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2. Weight enforcement vital on dangerous Sean O’Carroll Street

Remarkably, since being passed at council level last May – ten months ago, maths fans – the proposed weight restriction on Sean O’Carroll Street in the town is not being enforced. No signage has been erected in the area and buses and lorries continue to use it as a way from the link road to the main street. That’s because the issue has still not be brought before the Joint Policing Committee.

It’s meet several times since that decision at Louth County Council level – so what’s the delay. It’s all very good doing the easy thing and signing off the relevant papers but it’s enforcement that will make a difference to the local residents that are so badly effected on the very narrow residential side street.

“It’s near impossible for residents to drive in and out their gates as traffic is so heavy and travelling so fast – it’s completely dangerous,” said one resident this week.

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3.  Ferdia Park bins remain, but surely, surely they’ll be gone soon. Right?

What more can be said about the ongoing situation about the recycling bins in Ferdia Park? March 2017 and they’re still there. “Until they’re physically removed, I won’t believe it. It’s been promised too many times,” a resident told us this week.

“I don’t see the problem with putting them up in the Ashwalk and letting the workmen work around them and then put them in the position they’re supposed to be in. There’s no reason at all why they can’t be moved,” she continued. The suggestion has been made that the bins are taken away from the estate immediately, regardless of whether work is near complete at the new site.

This saga has to be nearing a conclusion. It’s been a nightmare for the residents of Ferdia Park.

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4. Decision on Castle Street crossing continues to move at a pedestrian pace

Another long term issue that has plauged the town is the problem of the pedestrian crossing located at the Bank of Ireland on Castle Street in Ardee. Accidents and near misses have been aplenty since its installation a number of years ago and now, Jim Tenanty says, enough is enough.

The councillor has tabled a motion for the removal of the crossing immediately as it poses a safety danger for pedestrians and drivers alike. Last year, a poll conducted by the Independent councillor found that a huge majority of people in the town wanted it removed and relocated at a more appropriate place – further down Market Street.

A solution shouldn’t be dwelled upon given the clear risk it poses to people in it’s current location. There is no good reason by local officials should be reticient to move it, bar the €11,000 cost involved in installing it in the first place. NRA finance is needed, the council say. The John Street crossing isn’t much better.

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5. Local support for vigil idea suggests big attendance

Going by Facebook, there’s a great hunger for it,” Dolores Minogue told this. “It’s all about showing solidarity with the families and about standing with them. We hear their stories and we can only empathise with them.”

She was talking about her idea for a vigil to be held in the Fair Green for baby Grace and the victims and families of the Tuam mother and baby home scandal that emerged a number of weeks ago. A suggestion made on social media snowballed and now a date has been set. It will take place on March 31st at the Fair Green at 8pm. Men and women of all ages have shown their support for a vigil.

“I picked the park because of these children who never got to play and the parents that never got the chance to see them in it,” Minogue said..

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