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Water Treatment Plant upgrade to take 18 months

Barry Landy | 11th August, 2017 at 5:16pm

The upgrade of the Ardee Wastewater Water Treatment Plant will take 18 months to complete, according to the company appointed to operate the plant.

Cork-based Electrical Pump & Services Ltd and Dublin-based civil engineering company Wills Bros Ltd have been hired by Louth County Council and Irish Water to design, build and operate the plant in Ardee.

The EPS Group say the design and build of the upgraded Ardee waste water treatment plant will take a year-and-a-half to complete. It has not yet begun, despite local councillors claiming earlier in the year that the work would start by the end of June. The EPS Group confirmed to on Friday the “project is scheduled to start immediately”, according to the companies’ Technical Director Jim Palmer.

The upgrade locals are all waiting to see begin will see the capacity of the plant raised from 5,000pe to 8,000pe – which should more than faciliate the current usage and water flow in the town.

Earlier this summer, the plant was being fed 6,000-6,5000pe which was overloading the facility and leading to a sewage overflow and odour problem in the town. The problem has been a long standing one for locals in Ardee especially in areas in close proximity to the treatment plant such as Tierney Street, Dawson’s Demesne and Old Dawson’ Demesne.

The prospect of upgrading the waste water treatment plant in Ardee has been a long standing one. A decade ago, Louth County Council took out an environmental impact study on the idea of upgrading it to a 12,500pe capacity.

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